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Dehydrated vegetable soup favored by white-collar workers

2020-03-09 16:09
Not into the kitchen, do not buy a dish washing dishes, simple boiling water flushes, a delicious vegetable soup out, convenient soup such received the favor of white-collar.
Now there are many kinds of instant dehydrated vegetable soup on the market, including seaweed egg soup, shrimp seafood soup, hot and sour soup, mushroom soup and so on. After dehydration, the utility model is made into blocks, and is separated into small bags, and when eaten, the water is brewed by boiling water, and the bulk vegetable cakes are quickly and loosely absorbed, thus becoming vegetable soup. The taste is delicious. It's almost the same as the soup you're making now, two.
Cui source to understand, since many white-collar workers do not want to go out to eat in winter, will choose the simple dehydrated vegetable soup, 5 minutes to make a delicious soup. Many people feel cold out, cold is not that also require long queues of each family are very busy in the office, if a simple will be able to enjoy the warm boiling water washed vegetables soup. This vegetable soup is rich in human essential nutrients, to a certain extent to ensure the nutritional intake.
Dehydrated vegetables except processed vegetable soup, Cui source that individual no dehydrated vegetable seasoning used to do a simple salad is also good, carrots, lettuce, onion and so several dehydrated vegetables soak after add seasoning mix is a good dish.

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