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How can the dehydrated vegetable industry avoid heavy metal minefields?

2020-03-09 16:14
High content of heavy metals has been a hot issue in food safety, the dehydrated vegetable industry, also need to avoid excessive heavy metal minefield, Cui source believes in the processing of dehydrated vegetables, the selection of raw materials is a crucial aspect, the green source is to analyze, how to avoid excessive heavy metal raw materials in the processing of dehydrated vegetables.
Origin selection
The origin of choice should pay attention to the following items (1) of vegetable origin should be away from the factories, hospitals, mining area, living area, traffic trunk, dump; (2) detection of pollutants to be selected in the atmosphere, water, soil and other environmental elements of the value does not exceed the relevant provisions of the state standard.
Reasonable irrigation and drainage
By controlling water and regulating soil oxidation and reduction, the existing forms of heavy metals in vegetables can be affected. Such as CD, Pb heavy soil pollution to aquatic vegetables, to reduce the harm of Pb and Cd.
According to the difference of heavy metals accumulation in different vegetable varieties, rational production layout of vegetables was carried out
As in the heavily polluted area to reduce heavy metal elements such as vegetables, vegetable planting and roots, for the cultivation of strong antibiosis of heavy metals of varieties. To carry out the screening of anti heavy metal pollution in various vegetable varieties, recommended varieties provide technical guidance to farmers.
The state should formulate and improve food hygiene standards for vegetables, and strengthen food safety supervision and inspection
With the improvement of people's living standard, the amount of daily vegetable is also increasing. But at present, there is no systematic evaluation standard of heavy metal pollution in vegetables in our country. From the point of view of food hygiene, standards should be taken from the whole food chain to allow people to intake food. At the same time, we should also consider the influence of he

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